Beneath the Black Thumb


from Black Library…

Part one in The Call of Archaon series

Witness the Realmgate Wars from a new perspective as Copsys Bule, Champion of Nurgle, faces the monstrous reptilian Seraphon in his quest to join the armies of the Everchosen.

We see the war for the mortal realms through the eyes of the servants of the Ruinous Powers and meet the enigmatic Seraphon. What is a champion of Nurgle – the sinister Copsys Bule – willing to do in order to join the glorious host of the Everchosen?

In the Untamed Lands of Ghur, Copsys Bule suffers a terrible defeat at the hands of the mysterious Seraphon as he attempts to summon forth a host of Nurgle plague daemons. But as his Rotbringers lick their wounds, Bule receives a strange vision that portends a great destiny. Could this be the call of the dark lord, the fabled Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse himself? The call of Archaon?

Written by David Guymer

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