In the Lands of the Blind


from Black Library…

Part six in the Call of Archaon series

He's reached his goal, the mighty fortress of Archaon himself, but can Orpheo Zuvius, Champion of Tzeentch, gain entry and find his destiny as a servant of the Everchosen?

It's your first chance to see Archaon's centre of power in the Mortal Realms, and see what lies in wait for Zuvius and the others who hear the Call of Archaon should they succeed in their quest.

Orphaeo Zuvius has battled untold horrors to finally reach the Varanspire, Archaon’s dread fortress. But the infernal stronghold presents an even greater challenge, as hordes of monstrous daemons and sorcerous fire rise up against him. So close to his goal, can the Prince of Embers prevail in this final test to become the chosen of Archaon?

Written by Rob Sanders

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