See No Evil


from Black Library…

Part eight in the Call of Archaon series

Orpheo Zuvius has completed his quest and risen to join the Varanguard, Archaon's elite knights. But the tests never end for a servant of the Everchosen, and Zuvius must now prove himself in battle against the Stormcast Eternals.

It's the epic conclusion to the saga of the Call of Archaon, and throws Zuvius into battle in ways he – and you – have never imagined.


Sigmar’s warriors have attacked Chaos strongholds in the Shatterlands, driving the servants of the Ruinous Powers out and bringing hope to the people living a precarious existence in the region, and beyond. This insult cannot stand, and Orphaeo Zuvius, now one of Archaon’s trusted Varanguard, rides to war against the Stormcast Eternals with the twisted, numberless hordes of the Everchosen.

Written by Rob Sanders

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