The Solace of Rage


from Black Library…

Part three in The Call of Archaon series

Another champion of Chaos hears the Call of Archaon – Ushkar Mir, Exalted Deathbringer of Khorne. Will he find the Everchosen’s favour or fall to one of the challenges that await?

It's an inside look at the tribes of the Bloodbound. Expect Fighting, blood, more fighting, skulls, and maybe a wee bit more fighting for good measure, as champions fight for the favour of Khorne, and, perhaps, of Archaon as well.

As the champions of Chaos heed Archaon's call, it falls to Ushkar Mir of the Bloodbound to prove his mettle. Deep in the realm of Ghur, in the Bloodbloom Fields, Mir faces a challenge to his leadership and a warhorde of Ogors intent on revenge. By overcoming both, he might realise his dark dream of ascending to the Everchosen's side.

Written by Guy Haley

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