Eye of the Storm


from Black Library…

Part two in The Call of Archaon series

When Zuvias, Champion of Tzeentch, hears the call of Archaon, he seeks to cross the Blasted Plains – but the servants of Khorne stand in his way...

Get an insight into another aspect of Chaos – the tricky, conniving, deceptive side. Tzeentch champion Zuvias lies and manipulates the servants of the Blood God to get him safely across the dangers of the Blasted Plains. A fantastic contrast between the gore-soaked barbarism of the Khorne Bloodbound and the sinister subtlety of the followers of Tzeentch.

As the call of Archaon echoes out across the mortal realms, another of the champions of Chaos heeds its summons. Zuvius, a servant of Tzeentch, determines he must prove his worthiness to the Everchosen and ascend to serve at his banner. With a small retinue, he ventures onto the Blasted Plain and a reckoning with the warriors of the Goresworn. Only one will be chosen.

Written by Rob Sanders

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