Assault on the Mandrake Bastion

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Part one in the Black Rift of Klaxus series

Witness the Stormcast Eternals in epic battle, as thousands of warriors unite to stop the followers of the Blood God from opening the Black Rift of Klaxus.

It's a massive battle between Order and Chaos! Thousands of Stormcast Eternals from a dozen Stormhosts get their hammers dirty fighting the cannibalistic servants of Khorne. And a seriously creepy new villain makes his first appearance – but not his last, because this Quick Read is the first in a larger story.

Orius Adamantine, Lord-Celestant of the Hammers of Sigmar, leads a ferocious attack on the Tephra Crater to unseat the dread lord Anhur of the Bloodbound. In his path lies the Mandrake Bastion, a fortress saturated with dark magic. Succeed here and the Adamantine Warrior Chamber will have a vital foothold in the ongoing war against the Chaos forces seeking to open the Black Rift of Klaxus!

Written by Josh Reynolds.

This story also appears in Black Rift.

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