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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is a wargame set in a fantasy universe called the Mortal Realms that are near infinite in size and story potential. In this world, the four alliances of Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction fight an ongoing war for the fate of the Realms. As hobbyists, we build and paint armies of plastic miniatures, create battlefields on which to deploy them, and employ tactics and dice rolling to determine whose forces will receive the glory and renown. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar was launched in July 2015 as the successor to Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The Mortal Realms podcast was the first podcast born out of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar in August of 2015. Our mission is to explore and share the lore and setting of the Mortal Realms to deepen the community's understanding of the setting. Knowing more about the setting enriches our games on the tabletop and we hope it does the same for you.


Eric @StonemonkGamer

My conversions are compulsory, my painting is often cursory. I create and share the glory, always in service a story, so I won't say sorry. One more thing to know me I pun hard love allegory.

Twitter: @StoneMonkGamer


My models are stock, like the photos of paint jobs I copped shot for shot, like my shelves chock-a-block with sealed boxes on top, like G-Dubs’ shares up and popped when I stopped in the shop.

Twitter: @dosaceos

Davy @Red_Zeke

-Davy right here, been playing fer years, getting by off the blood and the sweat and the tears, some of mine but mostly yers. Spittin' 'casts in your ears with my peers, to once again allay fears when editions change gears.

Twitter: @Red_Zeke


Paul @PJSchard

My models are cut up, I put up or shut up. while you've been diverting, I've been converting, and if you all won't match-up, just back up


Twitter: @PjSchard


I used to be an adventurer, back when MR was Ur-er-er. Had to step back and defer, because real life had to come first. But one day I'll be back her', you can count on that, yes sir.

Twitter: @lordofthegap


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