Knight of Corruption


from Black Library…

Part four in The Call of Archaon series

Copsys Bule’s quest to join Archaon’s armies continues – but the Stormcast Eternals stand in the way of his ambitions as the Call of Archaon series continues.

The power of Nurgle's corruption meets faith and the power of the storm as Copsys Bule continues his quest to join Archaon. Rains of holy water and a battle with the Stormcast Eternals (who he's dismissed as a myth designed to scare servants of Chaos) await him.

Licking the wounds inflicted by the Seraphon, Cospys Bule and his Rotbringers are seeking prey to restore their favour in the eyes of Nurgle. The hunt reveals a lonely temple devoted to Sigmar, a sprig of hope in the forest of darkness that has swept the land. But a call gnaws at Bule, one he cannot ignore. As battle is joined and the defenders of the temple are revealed in flashes of lightning, Bule and his warband must decide, either face the Stormcasts or heed the call of Archaon...

Written by David Annandale.

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