Blood and Plague


from Black Library…

Part seven in the Call of Archaon series

They are near their goal of becoming servants of Archaon, but Ushkar Mir, champion of Khorne, and Nurgle's chosen, Copsys Bule, must face a last test before ascending to the ranks of thr Varanguard. They must face... one another.

Finally, two of the champions who have been following the Call of Archaon will clash in battle... and only one of them will walk away. That's assuming that all is as it seems, of course...

Copsys Bule, champion of Nurgle, and Ushkar Mir, chosen of Khorne, both seek to become Archaon’s Varanguard, but only one can be deemed worthy to battle at his side, and both suspect treachery from their own ranks. As the two sides clash in a wave of blood and pestilence under the gaze of the Everchosen, is anything as it first seems in this arena of Chaos?

Written by David Annandale

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