Four Thousand Days


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A Fyreslayers story

When Dunnegar, Fyreslayer of Angfyrd lodge, undergoes the Trial of Wrath and emerges a Grimwrath Berzerker, little does he suspect that his true trials are just beginning…

It's a look into the making of a Grimwrath Berzerker, and at the position they hold in the society and battles of the Fyreslayers.

When Dunnegar of the Angfyrd Fyreslayers undergoes the dangerous Trial of Wrath, none expect him to survive intact – but he does, and becomes the lodge's first Grimwrath Berzerker in a generation. But that is just the beginning of his true trials… The lodge marches to war, a journey of four thousand days to reclaim the lands of their ancestors from the forces of Chaos. And the journey will be filled with danger that will test Dunnegar and his fellow duardin to their limits – and beyond.

Written by David Guymer

This story also appears in the anthology Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Fyreslayers.

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