The Crystal of Fate


from Black Library…

As the Stormcast Eternals spread across Chamon, Duke Phostrin of the Sky Shoals enacts an audacious plan to bring Kairos Fateweaver back into the Mortal Realms.

It's a fascinating look at the lengths to which the servants of the Dark Gods will go in order to stand against the assault of the God-King's armies. It's a strongly character-driven piece – and with Guy Haley's flair for characters, you're in for a treat.

Lord Phostrin of the Sky Shoals, a Tzeentchian warlord, has grown tired of being manipulated by sorcerers. Now he seeks to climb out from under their sway with a magical gem possessed by Kairos Fateweaver that has the power to grant great power and immortality to its bearer. He has only to find it and claim it to achieve his destiny.

Written by Guy Haley

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