Black Atonement


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Advent Calendar 2018: Day Nineteen

The town of Shadowvel must fall. Unwilling to commit her own forces to bring it down, the Blood Queen Neferata instead sets out to manipulate mutual enemies into destroying Shadowvel.

It's a fascinating insight into the ways Neferata manipulates, coerces and teases others into doing her bidding – and into what can incite her displeasure…

The town of Shadowvel in the Realm of Shyish lies outwith the domains of Neferata, Mortarch of Blood – but that does not make its inhabitants safe from her displeasure… Shadowvel has stood for centuries against all the hordes of Chaos thrown against it. But Neferata would see it fall, and the Maggotkin hordes of the Children of the Bell are the perfect weapon to wield against the spirits of Shadowvel. And none are better at manipulating a foe than Neferata…

Written by David Annandale

Running time 25 minutes. Performed by Andrew Fettes, Emma Gregory & Genevieve Swallow.

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