Hallowed Knights: The Denied


from Black Library…

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar audio drama

Knight-Questor Akastus must return an aelf corsair, Salekh, to Hammerhal Ghyra to face justice. But the servants of Sigmar aren't the only ones looking to punish Salekh for his myriad crimes…

A thrilling chase through the docks involving a Stormcast Eternal, an aelf corsair and an ancient slithering daemon makes for an amazing audio experience.

On the docks of a port town in the Slither Isles, Knight-Questor Akastus waits impatiently for his berth aboard a trading vessel, bound for the Crumbling Coast, to be made ready. In his custody is the aelf corsair and thief, Salekh, bound for trial in Hammerhal GhyraWhen the port is attacked by servants of Slaanesh, seeking to acquire Salekh, as well as an artefact the aelf stole, they seek refuge from the daemons trying to overwhelm them. A game of cat and mouse ensues, with the ancient daemon Dechala leading the pursuit.

Written by Josh Reynolds

Running time 23 minutes. Performed by Steve Conlin, Barnaby Edwards, Emma Gregory & Andrew Wincott.

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