A Dirge of Dust and Steel


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Advent Calendar 2018: Day Ten

In the wilds of Shyish, the Hallowed Knights seek to reforge an ancient alliance between Azyr and a duardin clan. But an equally ancient enemy awaits them…

It's a Hallowed Knights story by Josh Reynolds exploring the Vanguard Chamber as they face a hideous and dangerous foe.

Lord-Aquilor Sathphren Swiftblade and his Vanguard Chamber warriors from the Hallowed Knights have ventured into the wilds of Shyish, the dread Realm of Death. Their goal? To resurrect an old alliance between Azyr and the duardin who dwell in these forgotten lands. But if they are to reforge long-sundered bonds of brotherhood, Swiftblade and his warriors must first defeat a mighty daemon of Chaos known only as the Soulflayer.

Written by Josh Reynolds

This story also appears in the anthology Sacrosanct & Other Stories.

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