Acts of Sacrifice


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Advent Calendar 2018: Day Seven

The Order of the Ardent Star are dying. Their master has fallen, their numbers are few, and their last hope is a desperate flight to a distant redoubt – can they marshal their courage and brave the gauntlet of Khorne worshippers that stands in their way?

It's a tale from the Age of Chaos, showing one of the small acts of desperate heroism that took place in those dark times, as brave warriors held out against the seemingly unstoppable hordes of the Dark Gods.

In the chapel of the Order of the Ardent Star, Sir Aenea prays to the warrior goddess Myrmidia for guidance. And with an army of rampaging Khornate warriors outside, she has never needed her deity's guidance more. Her master is dead at the hands of the Chaos warleader, her comrades brought low by the seemingly unstoppable champion of the Blood God. With fewer than a hundred of their number left, the only hope for survival lies in a desperate sally forth from their fortress, seeking the indomitable redoubt of the distant Drakenount.

Written by Evan Dicken

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