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Amidst the sulphurous hellhole that is the Scorchpit, two champions of the Blood God disagree on which foes are worthy of bringing to battle.

A Bloodbound warband's Gorechosen may follow the will of their master, but that doesn't mean that they always agree on the right path... and when you're dealing with blood-crazed lunatics, that has the potential to turn deadly.

In the sulphur-choked hellhole known as Scorchpit, the slaughterpriest Akhagor affirms his faith by slaying those who battle eternally in that forsaken place. To the deathbringer Vorhak, however, some opponents are worthier than others – opponents such as the mighty Stormcast Eternals against whom Korghos Khul is said to make war. The Red Path leads in many directions, but which of these two champions will the warhorde follow to ultimate glory?

Written by Andy Clark

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