The Eighth Victory


from Black Library…

All that stands between Krev Deathstalker and daemonhood is one last victory... and the remnants of his battered and exhausted warband, who're not keen on fighting a battle they know they're going to lose...

Brutal, bloodthirsty and vengeful... yep, Krev Deathstalker is a lord of Khorne, alright. But he's also cunning, and he has a plan for his eighth victory. There's a massive twist in this tale... but not necessarily the one you might expect.

Krev Deathstalker, a mighty lord of the Bloodbound, must deal with Sigmar's Stormcast Eternals and the ambitions of his own inner circle if he is to achieve his ultimate goal of daemonhood. But despite these seemingly insurmountable challenges, one eternal fact remains that may yet see Krev complete his quest: Khorne cares not from whence the Blood flows.

Written by Graeme Lyon

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