The Deeper Shade


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Advent Calendar 2018: Day Five

Thalinoth, a sorcerer of Tzeentch, seeks great power in the waters beneath the benighted Claw of Mermedus. Will he achieve his ambitions, or have the tides of fate lured him to his doom?

It's a tale of twisted ambition, desperate endeavours and the horrors that lurk beneath…

The shores of Gharn are vibrant with life… apart from one spot, where even the native insects fear to tread. It is there that Thalinoth of Charr ventures, the sorcerer drawn to the mysterious Claw of Mermedus by portents and visions sent by Tzeentch. Something lurks in the waters beneath that benighted spot, something that could provide great power to Thalinoth and his warband… or spell their doom.

Written by C L Werner

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