A Tale of Four Warlords #T4W

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Greetings Mortals

Last week Tyler Mengel, of Mengel Miniatures, posted 2 teaser images for an upcoming Tale of Four Gamers #T4G that I am participating in, along with Mitzy and Jimbo from the Mitzy and Jimbo Show!

I am so excited to do this! These gentlemen are all on my “Want to Collaborate With” list of AoS creatives. They are part of my NEON family. After collaborating with them on the first Coalescence 2017 Global Narrative Event, I had the pleasure of meeting all three of them for the first time at Adepticon 2018 and I consider them good friends.

Timeframe and Goals

Over the Fall and Winter we will be building, painting, telling stories and shaping a collective narrative that will culminate in a 4-player Triumph & Treachery game at Adepticon 2019.

We’re aiming for 1000 point open play lists, with some bonuses thrown in. This allows us to have enough room to bring in some fun models without burdening us too much beyond our individual projects.

Opening Narrative

Full Prologue:

Summary: In a shady bar in Excelsis, a duardin with a big mouth claims he’s seen the 8th Wonder of Ghur and spouts off some directions to prove how knowledgable he is. That information has gotten back to our generals’ and the race is on to see who can get there first and secure the find. The route each general takes, the crew the assemble, and the alliances they form will shape the story between now and Adepticon. In good Warhammer Age of Sigmar fashion, the McGuffin is big and vague, and the heroes are epic.

Introductions and Goal #1: The Generals

Our first goal is to build and paint our army generals and share their story and motivations for this journey, due September 30th.

Tyler Mengel - Lathori Bloodsorrow, Khar Nair Hag Queen

Jimbo - Caliginous Umbra, Lord-Arcanum of the Sons of Mallus

Mitzy - Ghragz Krikgulg,

Myself - Admiral Ahdor “Sailfin” Anspear, of the (Ironclad) Mathlann’s Reach

Admiral Ahdor “Sailfin” Anspear, Captain of Mathlann’s Reach and leader of the King Fishers.

Admiral Ahdor “Sailfin” Anspear, Captain of Mathlann’s Reach and leader of the King Fishers.

What’s Next

I’ve been painting up my Admiral and should hit the deadline just fine with a blog post going up soon. Here’s a sneak peak:

And then I’m really excited to explore the rest of the army after that. Bright colors and tiny details. Hopefully you’ll like what I’m putting together.

If you want to follow what I’ve shared about this army in past videos and posts, just head here and follow the links to the various YouTube videos an such.

And don’t forget to check out the stuff the others are putting out! I’ll have links in future blogs as they post their stuff.

Enjoy our T4G and think about starting your own!