Drukhari-dron Project Recap and Future

Around the start of November 2017, I was riding a high from the Holy Havoc weekend where my friend Tom from Warhammer Weekly had taken best army. It was well deserved because of the amazing paint on his army and the truly epic display board he'd put so much time into. There was a bit of banter about the 'arms race' he'd started around display boards, and out of that came this drawing. I had thinking about the 40k Drukhari models and thought they could be good 'counts as' for a Kharadron Overlords army...and this drawing was the 'theme' that brought it into full focus for me. 


A aether-fleet who's primary trade is giant sailfin parts. If Duardin KO were fast, Dark Elf "KO" had to be faster, and what better way to emphasize this than to have them hunting the fastest, biggest, most dangerous creatures in the 8 realms?

Now, I still had some work to do. Whenever I embark on any conversion/kitbash/scratchbuild army project, I have some due diligence to complete. I have to prove that A) There is a theme that fits in the Mortal Realms, B) that there are adequate parodies between the army I'm emulating and the other kits I'm sourcing, and C) that it's not going to be cost or time prohibitive.  You can watch this playlist from our YouTube channel to see some of that due diligence. 

This fall and winter I will finally be putting in the hard work to bring this army to life. Stay tuned here and on YouTube to find out more about WHY this is the season I'll be getting these guys 'off the ground' and follow along with my progress.

Update: Go check out the progress on this project in more recent blogs