Drukharidron: First Narrative Game

I had a really really fun Narrative game vs a local Ironjaws player named Payvand. My first time putting the Drukharidron on the table. It was amazing flying the ships around the table, even more once they’ve got all their paint on them!. Here’s a story recap of the game for you.

The Magma Snake

Traveling at breakneck speeds to reach the alleged 8th wonder of Ghur, a messages reached the Admiral about a large snake that’s escaped from Azyr. Ahdor wondered if there could be something in or on the beast that could help them when they reached the 8th wonder.

An enormous magma snake was burrowing through ghur. The kingfishers of Admiral Sailfin has discerned where it would appear next and set up a scout ambush party. Small volcanic growers began to appear right where they suspected. But peering through the ashen clouds an iron fist of orruks was spotted barreling down upon he beast. Crulg, the Maneater Ogor, leader of the Muhl corp, recognized them as the Bloodcutters and signaled that no quarter would be given.

Knowing that the Admiral and some reinforcements were on its way, An’sho, who was piloting the Grubhauler, fired the first shot as a signal to the Arkanauts and the mercenary Maneater Ogors laying in wait. Skyhooks flew but the volcanic vents from the magma snake obscured the targets.

A Weirdnob had raised a cluster of spinning cogs from the earth and as it spun faster the green mass of green armored orruks charged across the distance, as if propelled by the aetherwinds, and made contact with the entire line of ogors and aelves.

Arriving behind the Bloodcutters, only in time to see his scouting team swarmed, Admiral Sailfin and a company of Arkanauts leapt out of the Skydancer frigate and shot into the Weirdnob, it’s strange magics and erratic behavior making him hard to hit. Charging in with skypikes, the Arkanauts and Admiral put a stop to the magic that was otherwise impossible to deal with.

Smashing the remainder of his forces into the ‘Ardboys, including the Skydancer proved futile. First the Arkanauts fell on one side to the brutes and on the other to the Megaboss Zag zag who had waited for the right moment to smash into the flailing Drukharidron. Though the Maneaters held up two units of ‘Ardboys, chopping slowly through their numbers, they were eventually overtaken. The Grubhauler, in a last effort to obtain something from the magma snake, was torn from the skies by the brutes.

Admiral Sailfin, stood atop the wreckage of the SkyDancer and saluted Zag zag in challenge and in thanks the crew members who’d died today. Dodging the brutish attacks with an enormous amount of luck (lots of 4+ saves), his cutlass carved through the Megaboss, a thousand thin slices causing the mammoth leader to eventually.

From the sky a Grubhauler buzzed the ‘Ardboyz unexpectedly. Sailfin raised a hand high, a large loop of leather gripped tightly. One of the chain and hooks dangling from the Grubhaulder grabbed the leather loop and whisked Sailfin up into the air before the mob could assail him.

Grubhauler and Maneaters step out from hiding and send the first volley.