Cog Fort - Mortal Engines

So my first post on the Cog-fort army was an introduction to how the idea came about. After building a few models and proving the concept I came across the inspiration for the Cog-fort itself. This is what actually sealed the deal for me. 

During the Malign Portents stories podcast review I referenced a movie that's coming out soon, but could not for the life of me spit it out on the first try. It's called Mortal Engines (trailer) and it's based on a book series by Philip Reeve. 

Here a town is being chased and captured by the city of London.

Here a town is being chased and captured by the city of London.

This is a bit more steampunk and i don't necessarily see AoS Cog-forts moving as fast as these do. But all the technology seems present in AoS - wheels or legs, aether fuel, magic, etc.

This idea of a mass of typically stationary things being able to move across the land isn't new and there's tons of inspiration to be found all over the internet. I won't post any more here because I couldn't possibly site it all. 

So here's a sketch i did to think through the different levels of a 'fort'. I will definitely revisit this and create something that would be more 'fort' sized, or that a 2000 point army could fit in for a display board...


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