Starting a Cog Fort Free People's Army


There's been a lot of mention of 'Cog-cities' and 'Cog-forts' in the AoS lore recently. While reviewing the book Path to Glory for the podcast, we discovered a huge cog-city with moving walls which were mobilized through gears, mechanisms, and magic. In the Malign Portents stories, we had two references to 'cog-forts' and some other references to clock making which is very similar mechanical endeavor in my opinion. 

I purchased, built and painted some Warhammer 40,000 Skitarii models a couple years back, but had only ever fielded them once. I don't play Warhammer 40,000 and when any model in my collection doesn't see the table at least once a year, it's ripe to be cannibalized for parts. Add a Free People's head and your imagine starts to run wile. 


The paint scheme of heavy oxidation and rust came from an image created by Pascal Blanche. This was posted in the AoS28 group on Facebook and it struck me.

I've searched through the Skitarii/Mechanicus/Mechanicum models both on the Games Workshop site and on the Forgeworld website and have some additional ideas kicking around. One of my favorite models from the range is this Onegar Dune Stalker. I've started converting it to fit some of the feel of the Ironweld Steamtank. 


I've got a lot more work to do. A list to build. Models to source, and a whole lot of discussion with others who seem to be coming to this same conclusion as I am. I think even Duncan Rhodes is building a Cog-themed Free People's army. 

One of the kits i'm looking at using is the Forgeworld Vorax Battle Automata for Demigryphs. Before you laugh, I did some googling and found that someone, again, had a similar idea and had a pretty cool execution...


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Lots to think about on this one. Hopefully I'll keep working on it to the point of getting to build my own huge Cog-fort or Cog city...I guess we'll see.

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