008 - Ghyran and The Hallowed Knights

Episode 008 - Ghyran: The Hallowed Knights and Sylvaneth in the Realm of Life In this episode we will be heading back to Ghyran as we cover Wardens of the Everqueen by C L Werner. Lorus Grymn, Lord Castellant and current leader of the Steel Souls, a chamber of the Hallowed Knights stormhost, is sworn to carry on the mission of finding and protecting Alarielle, the Everqueen. We will also be gushing over an amazing Sylvaneth army created by our co-host this episode, Kelly Freiborg.

Time stamps:

0:00:00 - Intro

0:19:49 - Community Phase: CTA Community, Status Tokens

0:24:36 - Story Phase: Wardens of the Everqueen by C L Werner

1:28:29 - Hero Phase: Silver Tower

1:34:07 - Hobby Phase: Kelly Freiborg’s Sylvaneth Army

1:51:58 - Campaign Phase: Sylvaneth on the table at Adepticon

2:01:01 - Signoff.

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