009 - Ghur and Celestial Vindicators and Knights Excelsior

Episode 9 - Ghur: The Celestial Vindicators and The Knights Excelsior in the Realm of Beasts In this episode we discover Ghur as we cover Warbeast by Gav Thorpe. We learn about the Realm of Beasts and get a better look at what it means to be Stormcast and the conflicting philosophies of Theuderis Silverhand and Arkas Warbeast as they strike against the Clans Pestilens. We will also be chatting with the Mr. Ben Curry of Bad Dice about community building and whatever else takes our fancy!

Time stamps:

0:00:00 - Intro

0:14:25 - Community Phase: New podcasts, General's handbook, and TGA

0:28:17 - Story Phase: Warbeast by Gav Thorpe

2:20:53 - Hero Phase: You can us in the club, bottle fulla bub.

2:45:06 - Hobby Phase: Pondering the Realm of Beasts

2:57:15 - Campaign Phase: DIY battalions, time of war ideas

3:08:02 - Signoff.

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