007 - Battletome: Archaon the Everchosen - The Mortal Realms

Episode 007 - Character Highlight: Archaon. A monster sized episode for a monster sized character. The Mortal Realms are defined by their characters as much as their locations and we take a look at The Grand Marshall of the Apocalypse in the background and on the tabletop. Additionally, we get to talk to Warhammer World's Everchosen himself, Matt Sprange as well as our usual segment talk.

Time stamps:

0:00:00 - Intro and initial discussion

0:07:08 - Community Phase: Matthew Sprange and the Campaigning through the Age of Sigmar storyline.

0:37:30 - Story Phase: Archaon in Chaos Battletome Everchosen and Balance of Power

1:48:14 - Hero Phase: Build a scenario library

2:00:25 - Hobby Phase: Tying an army together

2:14:41 - Campaign Phase: Rhellion and Archaon- together at last.

2:52:51 - Signoff.

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