033 - 2019 Speculation Spectacular - Scrying Phase

Show Notes

Welcome to the Mortal Realms, an Age of Sigmar Story Phase. Grab your hammer so we can clear a path through the Chaos and forge our own narratives in the Age of Sigmar.

Your allies through the Realm Gate this episode are Paul @PJSchard and Eric @StonemonkGamer.

In the NEW SCRYING PHASE we look at new releases, geek-out over what we like, critique what we don't, imagine how we might use these in our hobby and speculate on what it could mean for the future. 

This first Scrying Phase goes big with our 2019 Speculation Spectacular where Paul and Eric try and predict the releases for 2019, and unlike other amateur predictions, we keep score! Listen to our predictions and then join us in upcoming episodes as we tally our results. Maybe you could suggest some rewards for our success or punishments for our failure.

Thanks for listening.