The Lightning Golem


from Black Library…

A Celestial Knights story

Driven by dark visions and haunted by the death of his faithful gryphhound, Lord Veritant Issakian of the Celestial Knights embarks on a dangerous journey that could lead to his damnation.

Nick Kyme returns to the Stormcast Eternals for the first time since War Storm, weaving a tale of darkness and destiny that is in equal parts entrancing and disturbing.

In the ruins of Harobard, Stormcast Eternals and their allies seek out the sorcerers of the Hekate, keen to put an end to their reign of magical terror. Lord Veritant Issakian Swordborne of the Celestial Knights, driven by visions of dark sorcery and vile deeds, and haunted by the loss of his faithful gryphhound, ventures up a stormshrouded mountain in search of the source of his visions. But does victory await him… or a dark destiny?

Written by Nick Kyme

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