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Gloomspite - Story Phase - Ep 045

In this episode, we are discussing Gloomspite by Andy Clark. Listener, stop for a moment and imagine the town you live in. Think of the places you know, and the people that live there. Sure, it’s got it’s problems, but all in all it’s a pretty nice place, right? Now imagine that same city under siege by a hidden force of malicious goblins intent on destroying everything you hold dear. Would those in charge be able to keep you safe? Would you survive?

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042 - Scourge of Fate - Story Phase

In this episode, we are discussing Scourge of Fate by Robbie MacNiven. Did you think the Varanguard, Archaon’s elite shock troops, just sprung from the ground fully formed? Born with a Daemon blade in their hand? No! It takes time, it takes effort. It honestly takes a lot of killing. And in this book, we see just what it takes to reach that unholy order - and you thought your corporate ladder was cutthroat.

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