026 - Malign Portents Stories Recap - Story Phase

Show Notes

In this episode, we are discussing the unprecedented collection of Malign Portents stories published by Games workshop on MalignPortents.com. We will be sharing our favorites and discussing some overarching themes that you can see if you take a step back and look at the whole collection.

Time Stamps

What we've been up to: 2:45

Malign Portents thoughts: 11:50

Paul's favorite story: 33:43

Aaron's favorite story 46:16

Eric's favorite story 1:13:03

Nagash gives Paul and Aaron 'The Offer' 1:20:57

Was it a 'Success'? 1:34:00


You can read Games Workshop's stories for the Malign Portents event by going here: MalignPortents.com

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