020 - Hammerhal - Story Phase

Show Notes

In this Story Phase, we discuss the Black Library story "Hammerhal" by Josh Reynolds, in which we visit the Ghyran half of the twin-tailed city of Hammerhal, where the faithful of Sigmar seek to turn the changing path of Tzeentch into the road out of town for his followers.

The Mortal Realms crew gives our take on the titular story from “Hammerhal & Other Stories” with a spoiler-free rundown of the details of the setting, a spoiler-full discussion of the plot, highlights from our favorite moments, and reviews from our overly-opinionated hosts.


Time Stamps

Just the facts (Spoiler-free)6:15

Quick Review (Spoiler-free)24:34

Plot Discussion (Spoiler Warning)30:45

Final Review: 1:47:39



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