Tayrathi - Commission

This post focuses on my work with my good friend (ty Adepticon) Chuck Moore and his vision combining Morathi with Taylor Swift. As you all know, Chuck is a bit of a fan and holds the world record for "Most Taylor Swift Gifs used in the Warhammer Community" - undisputed in fact. It seemed with some of Taylor Swifts most recent videos and music, this was going to be a perfect fit.  

The most important thing was obviously getting her face to capture some element of Taylor Swift. Caricatures aren't my strongest suite but I've had some experience.

Tayrathi in all her glory!

Tayrathi in all her glory!

I'm really hoping that Chuck lets me work on a shape shifted version of this mashup!

If you're interested in commissioning a drawing, like the caricatures or the duel above, or a logo for a project you are working on, DM me on Twitter with a description of your project.