003 - Aqshy and the Hammerhands

Episode 3, Further into Aqshy. We cover the War Storm Novel Part 1, Borne by the Storm by Nick Kyme, and the corresponding scenarios found in the Mighty Battles campaign book. We also discuss tips on giving a new player their first Age of Sigmar experience.

0:01:05 - Setup Phase: Greetings

0:05:30 - Community Phase: Waaaghpaca AoS

0:13:00 - Story Phase: Borne by the Storm by Nick Kyme

1:09:30 - Hero Phase: Games with a new player

1:28:00 - Hobby Phase: Terrain in Aqshy

1:49:00 - Campaign Phase: The Battleplans and Time of War from Aqshy

2:14:00 - Signoff. We'd love to hear from you!

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