Muster Your Warband - Dogs of Warcry - 02

Show Notes

Dogs of Warcry is a new podcast from the Mortal Realms focusing on Warcry a fast paced, cinematic skirmish game by Games Workshop. You can expect discussions on gameplay, rules, lore, painting, terrain, campaigns and events. In episode 01 we discuss how our first impressions match to our expectations and our WarcryPlans for the future.

In episode 02 we’re discussing the best ways to muster a warband, the easiest or cheapest way to your first 1000 points. Because we know you’ll be hooked after that. 

My name is Eric or StonemonkGamer and answering the call with me again this episode is Josh and Payvand, and new to the roster, Paul who you may know from the Mortal Realms podcast, running the Age of Sigmar Narrative event at Adepticon in 2018, 19 and again in 2020, and many other accolades as a member of the AoS community. How are you guys doing?

Welcome to the warband.


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