Drukharidron: The Aetherdance - Frigate



Here is the Drukharidron Frigate nearly complete. This is what I was able to achieve for our narrative event at Adepticon. There is still more detail I want to add, but if I never went any farther, my vision would have been accomplished. Nearly a year and a half of chewing on this idea and the first major milestone has been reached.

Build & Paint

I wanted to portray hard-working aelves that don’t shy away from using their equipment to its fullest and obviously enjoy what they do. To reflect that, the hull is brightly painted to emulate their favorite prey, the gigasails of Ghur. But there is tons of artistic license, iconography, etc. and then it is heavily worn and scratched, repainted and worn and scratched. 

Some of the additional work I want to add includes more crew hanging on either as ship crew or corresponding to which units are embarked. I want to model ribbons tied to different ropes to show some of their beliefs/superstition/traditions as well as being able to show motion. Definitely more functional straps and netting, including a big sky shark that they captured to use as chum for the gigasails. This is the kind of project that’s been fun to come back to after short breaks.