Cog General on Mechanical Steed


Can't stop working on this army and posting about it. Next up was figuring out how the heck to make a cog general. Luckily there's source material in GW Past. The Master Engineer on Mechanical Steed! The idea of a magical automata horse that the rider controls by connections to their body was highly unusual in the 'world that was', but in Age of Sigmar, this shouldn't be much of a stretch. 

Cog General Build.JPG

Again, I found inspiration around the web but you never have the same bits someone else has. So I used what I had:

  • Hexwraith (AoS) Horse Body

  • Skitarii (40k) Rust Stalker legs & backpack (to power the thing)

  • Griffon General (AoS) spare body and head

  • Skitarii (40k) Dragoon lance

  • Ironbreaker (AoS) shield

  • Free People Guard (AoS) shields

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.56.38 AM.png

It took about 4 hours of exploration, trial and error and bitz digging, but I'm very happy with the result. I think the only question i still have is whether the steed needs a head, or if it would be a bit creepier and more automata looking without. Oh i might also try and use a stormcast backpack like the Prosecutors or Retributors have, instead of the skitarii one.

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