Drukharidron: Grubhauler and Bait crew.


This is my third entry into the #T4W #8thWonderofGhur project, and my last full unit of 2018! A Grubhauler is one of the bait ships used when hunting Skysails. Operated by a 2-3 person crew, these fast and maneuverable vessels get painted and illusoried to look like a tasty treat and fly with other prey animals in the aether streams and lure the epic scale fish into a trap. Grubhaulers are also used as skiffs when replenishing supplies at dock, or in distractionary tools during sky-faring battles. The Grubhauler is one of the most versatile and oft used ships in Admiral Sailfin’s fleet. 


Build & Paint

This build starts with the 40k Drukhari Venom chassis and driver. The harpoon is from a Skycutter kit, as are the arms holding it. I used the gunner from the Drukhari Raider kit to be leaning back and firing the harpoon. As this is a work vessel, I added gribblies like rope, leather straps, and even the packing fur/canopy underneath. Interestingly the ogor stonehorn kit gave me most of those bits, including the barrels that they use as bombs.


Given how lithe they are, I wasn’t able to fill as much space as the duardin counterpart. I had some thoughts on having the ship pulling a large ‘chum’ of some sort, but didn’t take it that far, but may add that later. Alternatively, had I mounted this more sideways with the fins angled vertically, it could perhaps fit the size more.

Gunhauler GW.jpg

The fins! These are definitely the focus of these sky-ships. Scratch-built from expanded pvc foam, plastic rod, and plasticard. The pvc foam carves rather nicely and can be highly machined or left organic. I wanted a mechanical joint to give it some ‘technology’ but then used a batwing membrane configuration like a Leonardo DaVinci drawing to keep it fantastical. The fin pattern of the fish scale had to be painted on as I’d tried a number of things to give it real texture, in the end painting it gave me the visual affect i was looking for. I may go lighter across the board to show more ‘drying’ of the fin.

The basing and the clouds aren’t finished as I’m still experimenting with stuffing/cotton materials. I’ll like base everything altogether at the end.

What’s Next

I will be working on my bigger Frigate in the coming weeks, but I will likely finish some more arkanauts or the Maneater ogor. But i also need to whip up some Endriggers, and those may take a bit of fin-work.

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