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All Hallows Siege

  • Misty Mountain Games 4672 Cottage Grove Road Madison, WI, 53716 United States (map)

Entree Fee: TBD Soon     

Registration Deadline: TBD Soon

All Hallows Siege is a one-day, three-game, narrative, siege event that asks two warlords to rally their team generals to either attack or defend the Monestary of the Knowledge of All Things. Each game will effect the next game ending in a compact and rewarding narrative.


There will be a dozen or more potential achievements that players can build their armies to compete for.

  • Will your army smash down the most walls?
  • Will your army poison the food supply?
  • Will your army plant the most spies or enact the most assassinations?
  • Will your army be the most deadly with defensive artillery or siege machines? 
  • Will your army hold the line where others fall?

Here's the first part of the story for you to watch: